Spro Swivel

Size: 4 / 130 lb
Style: Power
Quantity: 10 Pack
Sale price$4.59


SPRO Power Swivel. From trolling for monster Tuna offshore to drop-shotting in your local lake or river, the SPRO Power Swivel has your barrel swivel needs covered. Swivels ensure you make the most out of every cast and keep your bait in the water longer by preventing frustrating line tangles during retrieval. They're corrosion-resistant and tiny enough not to spook fish but powerful enough to catch your next trophy winner. Made of high-grade stainless steel with a gunmetal black finish, SPRO Power Swivels are many times stronger than standard barrel swivels and offer super smooth rotation and tremendous strength and durability.

SPRO Heavy Swivels are high-quality, heavy duty swivels designed for anglers who battle the big ones. Swivels are extremely useful for preventing your line from getting tangled upon retrieval, but the resourceful angler will employ them in a number of different contexts, like when chunking for large saltwater gamefish or trolling a splasher. They're generally used when fishing for large saltwater gamefish, although they can be used in any situation that requires high pound strength. Made

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