Mushroom Anchor

Colors: Black - Plastisol Coating
Size: 10 Lb.
Sale price$43.99


Mushrooms anchors are undercoated for extra adhesion. 1-piece cast iron mushroom anchors meet basic anchor requirements, has a drain in the base, and store easily. Dependable anchor for use with small craft, Personal Water Craft (PWC), Canoes or Kayaks, or a second anchor on larger boats. Mushrooms are also perfect as a drag anchor for fishing in current, or for holding small buoys and markers. Preferred by many experienced boaters. Wide coverage mushroom cap. Most effective in sand or mud.

  • Plastisol Anchors – Heavy no-mar plastisol to protect boat finishes from the scratches and abrasions which occur through normal use.
  • Aluminum-painted anchor with a double dipping of aluminum paint for long-term corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Vinyl - Heavy gauge black vinyl finish for hull protection.

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