Yamaha Skeg Anode, Zinc

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Martyr CM6884537102Z Yamaha Skeg Anode, Zinc. For use with 200-300 hp outboard. Designed for use in salt water and brackish water. Aluminum. Cadmium-free and environmentally-friendly components. Components conform to Mil-Spec A-24779(SH). Kit includes 1 block anode for gimbal housing, and 1 skeg for the ventilation plate. Fits these Yamaha 200-300 engines: F225TLR; LZ250TUR; LZ250TXR; LZ300TUR; LZ300TXR; VX200TLR; VX225TLR; VX250TLR; VZ200RTL; VZ200TLR; VZ225HTL; VZ225TLR; VZ250FTL; VZ250TLR; VZ300BTLR; VZ300TLR; Z250TUR; Z250TXR; Z300TUR; Z300TXR. 13.00" x 9.00" x 3.25".

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