Square Flat Piling Cap 8"

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The Square Flat Piling Caps installs on top of the dock pilings post. The pile caps prevent internal rot from harsh marine weather. Discourages birds from perching on the dock piling. Made from an injection-molded process called Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). The caps contain mildew inhibitors. Marine-grade construction. Offers superior strength, flexibility, and dimensional consistency. UV stabilized. UV Stabilized means they have added a stabilizer to the resin to allow it to protect the substance from long-term degradation from UV light. Flat, square design. The caps resist cracking, fading, and hardening over time. Constructed of heavy-duty 1/8 in. wall. Split resistant when nailed to piling. Easy to clean with just soap and water. Maintains its brilliant gloss finish year after year. 8", White.

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