Metal Milkhouse Milk Can Planter - White

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Add a touch of nostalgia to your garden style with this Panacea White Vintage Milkhouse Milk Can Planter. Placing this tall unit in your home or on your patio lends a rustic look to it, and creates a fantastic display spot. The piece perfectly mimics an antique milk can, thanks to its narrow neck, tall shape, and two handles. Its open body forms a fantastic vase or planter, and works equally well as an umbrella stand or storage for small items. Place the included lid on the top of the item to transform it into a small table or plant stand for even more versatility. A black logo reading "Farm Fresh Milk" surrounds a rendering of a cow's head on one side of the can, and a black band around the top and lid rim complete the effect. The steel body lasts for several seasons, and the vessel adds a fun hint to any setting with ease. Bring a rustic look to your patio or home in moments with this White Vintage Milkhouse Milk Can Planter. Electrostatically powder coated for added rust resistance. Vintage, distressed appearance. Sturdy and durable. 16" H X 8.75" W X 11" D.

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