Metal Garden Flag Stand

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Flags are a simple and charming way to decorate your yard, add a pop of outdoor color and delight visitors. Designs can easily be changed out for every season, holiday or special occasion. Evergreen's selection of high quality, elegant stands allows you to display your favorite flags in style. Black glossy metal garden flag stand with H shaped stake for easy placement. For use in yards, flower beds, near potted plants, around pathways and by grave sites. Installing your stand is easiest in moist soil. Push the bottom prongs into the soil until they are completely covered. No tools required. Slide the flag's sleeve onto the top bar. Push it over until the flag's edge reaches the vertical post of the stand. Place the Evergreen Flag Rubber Stopper onto the end of the pole to prevent the flag from blowing off the stand. Flags should be removed during severe weather conditions. Weather resistant for long lasting use. Light assembly required.  44"

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