LED Head Lamp FL19, 330 lm - Black/Red

Sale price$31.99


The FL19 Headlamp combines our wide angle flood beam optic with a dual color feature that includes a white and red LED beam. As a result, the top button on the headlamp gives you the ability to cycle through light modes quickly. The wide angle flood beam is a white LED light that illuminates large areas with an ultra-wide circular beam. Similarly, the top button on the headlamp enables the user to switch to red. The red LED light helps you preserve night vision. The headlamp comes with a reflective safety strap and an IPX4 weatherproof rating, making it perfect for any rugged environment you may find yourself. Dual-Color: white and red beam; red prevents night blindness and is also an aid for emergency signaling. Modes: high, low, red. Tilt beam adjustment. Reflective strap. Hardhat compatible. Includes hardhat clips.

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