Hummingbird Feeder, Glass, 6 Ports - 30 oz.

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The Perky-Pet Our Best Hummingbird Feeder promises hours of hummingbird-watching pleasure and is perfect for any bird lover. With a large 30 oz nectar capacity, this glass hummingbird feeder will assure there’s always enough nectar to go around. The clear glass makes it easy to monitor nectar levels at a glance, while the red accents will attract birds to the feeder. Designed with a wide-mouth bottle, this feeder is incredibly easy to fill and clean. The six feeding ports are paired with a U-shaped perch so birds can rest while they dine. For insect defense, this feeder boasts built-in bee guards in every port and a built-in ant moat that can be filled with water to keep ants out of the nectar. For your convenience, this feeder can be taken completely apart to ensure easy cleaning. Red

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