HTH Pool Care Ultra Granule Shock Treatment

Size: 1 Lb.
Sale price$11.99


HTH Pool Care Shock Ultra (was formerly known as HTH Ultimate Shock Treatment). All in one weekly chlorine boost. The amazing all-in-1 weekly formula in HTH Shock Ultra increases chlorine levels, kills and prevents bacteria and algae, reduces eye and skin irritation, prevents stains from metals, prevents scale, improves filtration and softens water all with results in 24 hours! Traditional chlorine products contain cyanuric acid (CYA). When too much CYA builds up, it can cause overstabilization or chlorine lock, cloud your water and cause algae growth. The fast-acting, fast-dissolving Cal Hypo based formula in HTH Shock Ultra provides chlorination without adding extra CYA for a beautiful sparkle all season. It's ideal for all pool surfaces and won't fade your liner. Use weekly to solve 90% of pool problems within 24 hours. The built-in visible blue action lets you know it’s working. Easy to use.

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