HTH 3" Chlorine Tablets

Size: 6 oz. Advanced
Sale price$9.99


Protect your swimming pool against bacteria, algae and other organisms and enjoy clean, clear pool water with these convenient one-dose tabs. HTH Pool Care 3 in. Chlorine Tabs Advanced (was formerly known as HTH Super 3 in. Chlorinating Tablets). Simply place tab(s) into the skimmer basket, floater or feeder to sanitize and protect your pool water from algae and bacteria. They are sun protected and designed to dissolve slowly, giving your pool a steady source of available chlorine for up to one week. This advanced formula sanitizes, clarifies and kills algae for beautiful, clean and clear water all season. HTH chlorinating Tabs are great for all pool types, including small pools, pop-up and above-ground pools, vinyl-lined pools as well as salt water systems. For best results, use HTH 6-Way Test Strips twice weekly to test and balance your swimming pool water and keep chlorine levels between 1 and 4 ppm. Do not add tabs directly to the pool as this could damage surfaces. The convenient 1-week dosage treats 10,000 gal.

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