Flat-Plate Hoist Cover Mounting Kit

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The Flat-Plate Hoist Cover Mounting Kit includes (2) top tab pieces and a (1) bottom tab piece. Made from brushed marine-grade stainless steel. Designed to fit most brands of flat-plate boat hoists with industry-standard mounting holes. New style BH-USA hoist covers require the mounting kit. Adds more durability to the BH-USA classic style hoist covers. The top tab mounts in between the gear plate mounting hole and the bolt used to mount the hoist. It needs to be on the gear side on both top mounting holes. The bottom tab piece mounts between the electric wired motor and the gear plate. Install the bottom tab piece, then the electric motor on the front of the gear plate. Using the mounting bolts of the motor to secure both the bottom tab piece and the motor. Machined slots allow for adjustment on the bottom for the hoist cover. Mounting fasteners are not included.

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