Eagle Claw Swivel

Size: 12
Style: Barrel
Quantity: 12 Pack
Sale price$1.99


The Eagle Claw Barrel Swivel, Resealable was created in order to be the best item for anybody needing an exceptional option. Formulated by using some of the most durable and long lasting materials around, they will provide you with something that gives you numerous years of stability.

Eagle Claw Barrel Swivel w/Interlock Snap, Resealable. Fishing swivels are an essential part of any rig, and this Eagle Claw Barrel Swivel w/Interlock Snap is a high quality option that won't fail your setup. Use them to prevent your line from tangling when retrieving it. Another great reason to use this is that it can sometimes stop a sinker from sliding out of place which keeps your rig in order so that you don't waste time resetting all the components.

The Eagle Claw Crane Swivel w/ Coastlock Snap was developed to be the ideal tool to bring along on any fishing trip that requires long lasting and reliable materials to be successful.

The Eagle Claw Barrel Swivel w/Safety Snap, Resealable, was formulated using several of the very most durable and dependable resources around, these can provide an item which will give you a great deal of reliability.

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