Cajun Back Bay Thunder Weighted Float - 2.5"

Type: Cone Popper
Style/Color: Orange
Sale price$5.99


Cone - The Back Bay Thunder is a cone shaped, flat top version of the Cajun Thunder. Like all Thunder products, it is made with quality components and superior workmanship. The flat top shape expands the Thunder's surface disturbance capability and offers a different fish attracting sound. Back Bay Thunder's solid brass beads add weight which will allow you to cast further with lighter artificial lures. Live bait can be presented on a weight free leader. The splashing and Bait-Click noise, created by Back Bay Thunder's brass and magnum plastic beads, attracts fish from great distances. This float rig is deadly on a variety of saltwater game fish including: Trout, Redfish, Snook, Mackerel, and Flounder. Fish Back Bay Thunder with a jig and soft plastic bait, bucktail or a hard plastic jerk bait. Back Bay Thunder also works well with live bait. Cajun Thunder / Precision Back Bay Thunder Weighted Float.

Oval - Cajun Thunder Weighted Float. The weighted version of the Equalizer™. It can be cast further and will allow the use of lighter artificials. It will also provide a vehicle for casting live bait without having to add weight to the leader.

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