Bubba Blade Fillet Knives

Size: 6" Ultra Flex
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Long famous for our fillet knives and as creators of the iconic, non-slip grip we are in relentless in the pursuit of developing the highest quality, best performing and most durable fillet knife on the water. BUBBA first emerged from the coast of California in San Diego—a knife tough enough to withstand the grueling saltwater conditions. Now, we’ve expanded—reaching freshwater and saltwater fishermen all over the world. Our iconic, Bubba Red “Non-Slip Grip” handle and premium razor-sharp steel blades continue to stay at the forefront of our fillet knives.

Ultra Flex - 6” and 8” Whiffie Ultra Flex Fillet Knife - The Whiffie Ultra Flex offers anglers a fillet knife with the ultimate flexibility. This extreme flexibility is ideal for detailed precision cutting. The super thin blade design allows for effortless maneuvering, so you can easily remove bones with no loss of meat. The Whiffie Flex is an ideal knife for small pan fish.

Flex & Serrated Flex - The Bubba Blade 9” Flex Fillet Knife is designed for the fisherman that likes some flex to the blade. Excellent for filleting fish of all sizes. The Bubba Blade patented, textured no-slip-grip handle is paired with a high carbon stainless steel for effortless cutting and total knife control. This semi-flexible blade is more lenient than our Stiff fillet blades and is a great option for cutting through heavier meats such as tuna and/or wahoo.

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