Bremas Boat Lift Switch, Spring Loaded

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The Bremas Boat Lift Switch is a cam switch that controls the movement of a boat lift. Features a durable molded plastic housing and a gasket sealed box. UL, NEMA, CE, SA compliant. Easy to wire terminals with locking screws. Wiring directions for most brands of boat hoist motors included. Compatible with reversing motors. The switch comes complete with housing, drum switch, and lift handle. Use for lift motors up to 1 1/2 HP with a maximum of 20 amps. Switch: Momentary (spring-loaded).

Maintained (lock-on) vs. Momentary (spring-loaded) --The maintained (lock-on) drum switch stays in the position you place the handle until manually turned off. It does not have guide arrows on the front plate. The momentary drum switch handle springs back to the off position when it is released. It has guide arrows on the front plate. The momentary (spring-loaded) switch is the safer choice because it won’t operate unless someone is holding the handle.

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