Brazos Twisted Sweet Gum Cane

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Twisted sweet gum walking stick for its strength, versatility and beauty. This best-selling walking stick has a good weight to it and will feel strong and solid in your hand. This rustic Sweet Gum Walking Stick will be prized by both men and women because its sturdy but relatively lightweight. It won't weigh you down as you take it on leisurely walks or difficult hikes. You can see the natural patterns in the wood as if you were looking at the actual tree. It's truly a work of art from nature itself. The Brazos signature spiral twist down the shaft makes it all the more interesting. The sweet gum name comes from its amber-like fragrant gum. Made from natural wood, the choicest sweet gum. Its highly praised for its fine grain pattern. Rubber tip helps you gain good traction and feel safer. The leather strap at the top helps you get a secure grip on the walking stick. For serious trail hikers or casual strollers. 55"

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