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Peachy's BBQ Butcher Paper Roll- Pink

Sale price$19.99


If you are still using foil to BBQ your meats, you may not be cooking to your highest potential. Peachy's Butcher Paper has become the go-to for BBQ professionals and backyard chefs alike for wrapping briskets and other meat during long smokes. With Peachy's Pink Butcher Paper, you can trap in all of the flavor and smoke of your meat as it cooks and avoid the mushy bark associated with using aluminum foil. Peachy's is a large roll of pink butcher paper ideal for smoking all types of meat. With this paper, you are able to save your meat from the full brunt of the smoker while also giving it plenty of heat to ensure it turns out the best way possible. Peachy's Butcher Paper uses only the finest virgin pulps, this paper is made without any waxes, bleaches or unnatural coating that might tamper with the flavor of your food. Peachy's Butcher Paper has been reinforced to provide superior wet-strength when smoking or cooking without fear that the paper is going to tear so you can cook/rest/store your meat, poultry, fish and more with confidence. Pink. 175'L x 18"W.

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