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The Carolina Nut Company Seasoned Peanuts

Size: 12 oz
Style: Bourbon BBQ
Sale price$6.99


The Carolina Nut Company - Colossal in size and taste, these aren't your normal nuts! Gently hand-roasted and completely covered with seasonings, each of our 13 flavored peanuts is handcrafted in Henderson, North Carolina. Our small-batch, roasted Virginia peanuts are seasoned to perfection to create great flavors. They are a true gourmet delight proudly made. Always fresh always flavorful. Hand roasted by our team of master roasters.

* Smokey Mozzarella: Traditional wood-smoked flavors enhance the classic taste of mozzarella. 

* Sea Salt & Pepper: Roasted and salted peanuts splashed with natural sea salt and zesty pepper are a fresh spin on a classic snack.

* Bourbon BBQ: These spicy peanuts are packed with zesty mesquite flavor.

* Dill Pickle: Delicious dill flavored peanuts packed with a salty vinegar punch and a hint of garlic.

* Butter Toffee: Roasted peanuts are rolled in natural sugar, honey and butter, then gently roasted for a perfectly crunchy, sweet coating.

* Honey Roasted: Salted Peanuts covered in honey and sprinkled with sugar. A classic sweet and salty honey roasted peanut treat!

* Jalapeno: Roasted peanuts coated in a jalapeno flavored seasoning. Spicy but not too hot, these aren't your normal nuts. 

* Sriracha Ranch: Sriracha Ranch delivers The Carolina Nut’s signature fresh, jumbo peanut in with mild, sweet heat fused with cool, refreshing ranch.

* Honey Roasted Chipotle: Honey roasted peanuts coated in a light dusting of chipotle seasoning for a unique sweet and spicy flavored peanut.

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