Single Motor Personal Water Craft Boat Lift Remote

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The GRP1 Single Motor PWC Boat Lift Remote is a standard line of controls equipped with a 20 amp control relay. Controls one motor on a boat lift including PWC lifts. Redesigned to run up to one 1 Hp Motor @ 120VAC. Accommodates optional multiple transmitters for the boat lift remote. The control box features a black water-resistant gasket. The control faceplate has raised buttons for operation and one toggle switch that regulates power to the remote. Online wiring and troubleshooting guide diagrams for each model of boat lift controls are available on our Technical Guides page. FFC & ETL listed. Compatible with any single-phase electric boat lift motor. Remove the existing drum switch and easily install the new remote. It includes diagrams for all known boat lift motors including the Elite Motors brand boat lift motors. White.

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