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Big Green Egg

Size: Mini
Sale price$469.99



The EGG is a complete outdoor cooking system engineered to be stronger, more durable and provide better heat retention than any other outdoor cooker on the market. Convenience, ease of use and fantastic cooking results truly set the EGG apart. Our state-of-the-art ceramic technology and patented components provide the best thermal properties, material quality and cooking results. Every EGG comes with a free Best-In-Class lifetime warranty. Lighting the charcoal is simple. Easily control the heat by adjusting the patented airflow systems; a high-quality temp gauge provides precise readings to 750°F/400°C. The thermal efficiency of an EGG performs as well in winter as it does all summer. The EGG has an exterior glaze that easily wipes clean. Inside, residual heat burns away any build-up – just like a self-cleaning oven. The Big Green Egg is fueled by 100% natural hardwood.

Grilling - Sear steaks, chops, burgers and seafood with a flavorful crust unmatched by other grills. High-temp steakhouse chargrilling – even stir-frying – is so quick and easy.

Roasting - Gatherings are more memorable when you roast a juicy turkey, rack of lamb or ham on a Big Green Egg. The superior cooking qualities produce the most flavorful roasts, braises and stews you’ve ever tasted.

Smoking - The EGG’s insulating ceramics allow for precise temp control even at low heat. Want to barbecue at low heat for 16 hours or longer? An EGG can do that on a single fill of natural lump charcoal.

Baking - The EGG bakes bread, casseroles and desserts better than your kitchen oven. And you’ll be amazed when you bite into the most delicious slice of pizza you’ve ever eaten.

* Mini - Great for 2 to 4 people. It is a popular size for grilling on apartment balconies, vacations, boating and campfire meals. 39 lbs.

* Minimax - The MiniMax is perfect for camping, poolside and tailgating at the ballgame. It has a sturdy, easy to grip carrier. 76 lbs.

* Medium - For smaller families and couples. It accommodates all the most popular EGGcessories. Accommodates a cookout of four steaks or two whole chickens. 114 lbs.

* Large - The most popular size. Accommodates all EGGcessories. Large enough for eight steaks at once. 162 lbs.

* X-Large - Easily accommodate meals for large families and cookouts with all your friends. Cook twelve racks of ribs, twenty-four burgers or a couple of holiday turkeys with all the trimmings. 219 lbs.

* XX-Large - Can easily handle your family reunion or cookouts with large groups. 35-40 burgers, 14-16 whole chickens, 18-20 steaks, 20 mouth-watering racks of rib vertically or 1 perfectly crisp suckling pig. Meets UL and NSF standards for commercial use. 375 lb.

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