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Midcoast Float

Size: 2 3/4"
Style: Evolution Popper
Color: Yellow
Sale price$4.99


Midcoast Evolution Popper. The Evolution has evolved from being a “workhorse” to being the linebacker of the lineup. At first glance you would think it’s an Inticer, but look closely at its design. Yes, it’s on a stainless-steel wire, it does utilize the same cork body and beads, and it’s weighted. The greatest difference is beneath the weight, an eye and swivel were added. This allows you to attach your leader to the bottom or to the top of this cork.
Midcoast Rage Float. The RAGE. Re-invented, Re-invigorated. It’s small, compact design means you can put more of them in your tackle box. If you are outfitting the whole family and need a cork that conserves space, The RAGE is the Popping Cork for you.
Midcoast Texas Swing Float. The Texas Swing is the minnow in the fleet of extreme corks; compact and efficient, the bullet in the bunch, designed for accurate placement. The oval-shaped cork glides through the air and lands with a satisfying splash. However, the fish attracting sounds don’t stop when this cork hits the water. Pop your cork and the rattle will attract the fish.
Midcoast Outcast Float. With the weight built right into the cork, it’s streamlined and ready to fly. They cast farther than any rig out there, are highly visible, and help catch fish that, until now, have been entirely out of reach without wade fishing.

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