Cone Coffee Filter #2 (2 - 6 Cup)

Style: White - 100 Count
Sale price$7.59


Thicker, textured, high quality paper with patented flavor enhancing micro perforations, traps harmful oils and bitter sediment to deliver the full taste and aroma of your coffee to your cup. An added extra crimp for additional strength, prevents filter bursts and provide safe, easy disposal. Made with chlorine free, oxygen cleansed paper pulp for today's demand for environmentally safe, natural products. Melitta makes annual contributions to the American Forests Global ReLeaf fund. Brews rich, flavorful coffee. Micro fine flavor enhancing perforations allow the full coffee flavor to filter through for a rich, flavorful cup of coffee. Compostable and gluten free. Double crimped filter design helps protect against bursting. Kosher certified. Fits all 2-6 cup electric and 1 cup non-electric cone coffee makers.

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