Jack Links Beef Sticks - 1.84 oz.

Size: 1.84 oz
Flavor: Original
Sale price$3.59


Endless to-dos, kid activities, and trying to squeeze in a workout can feel overwhelming at times. No matter what you're tackling, our beef sticks are the perfect snack choice to help keep you going strong. Jack Link's® Original Beef Sticks deliver our signature blend of herbs and spices. Some say it's smokey. Some say it's sweet. We say it's simply delicious. We don't add any MSG, Nitrates or Nitrites, the flavor is more than enough to compensate! 13g of protein and 2 g of sugar per serving. Jack Link's is America's #1 selling jerky brand. When you open a Jack Link's meat snack, you get a taste of the American tradition that made this family business a success: hard work, fun and quality products. Our protein snacks are the fuel to help you Feed Your Wild Side®. Ingredients - Beef, water, salt, contains 2% or less of sugar, flavors, yeast extract, lactic acid starter culture, casing (caramel, beta carotene). Good source of protein. Carefully sourced using only high-quality ingredients. Made with 100% beef, deliver the classic flavor America loves. When you need a wholesome and satisfying snack for your family, you need original beef sticks.

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