A-Drive - Personal Water Craft Single Worm Reducer with Spool Box

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The A-Drive PWC Single Worm Reducer w/ Spool Box is a complete 1,500 lb. A-Drive direct-drive PWC hoist without an electric motor included. 1500 lb. straight-line lifting capacity. Features a direct-drive Single Worm Reducer, bronze bushings, aluminum gear, and spool housing. Features a 1 1/4 in. plated spool. Capable of wrapping 1/4 in. 7 x 19 aircraft cable easily. The spool easily attaches, making the boat lift cable easy to install. 1:100 single worm reducer ratio. 40% faster than belt-driven PWC hoists. Uses a standard 3-hole motor mounting pattern. Using a 1 HP Elite stainless steel c-face motor gives the hoist its 1500 lb. straight-line lifting capacity. BH-USA advanced gear technology guarantees not to leak or backspin. Comes assembled from the factory. Works with C-Face direct input electric motors only. Factory-mounted spool box. Wired electric motor not included.

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