Z-Man Trout Trick

Size: 3.5"
Style/Color: Electric Chicken
Tail Style: Curved Paddle
Sale price$7.99


Z-Man Elastic Swimmin' Trout Trick. Mating the signature ribbed body of the Trout Trick with Z-Man's exclusive curved paddle tail creates a unique bait with lifelike swimming action that attracts bites from not just sea trout, but a variety of fresh-and saltwater gamefish including redfish, flounder, snook, small tarpon, stripers, bass, and more! Paired with a Trout Eye jighead, the Swimmin' Trout Trick is fast becoming a go-to bait for inshore anglers across the Southeast and Gulf coasts. Developed and popularized by former tournament bass angler and saltwater guide Bob Sanders and now available in Z-Man's exclusive 10X Tough ElaZtech® material. To fish the Trout Trick, simply give the rod two sharp twitches, then allow the bait to fall vertically to the bottom on a semi-slack line.

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