Tormenter St. Croix V-Neck Performance Shirt

Style: Sea Horse/White
Size: Small
Sale price$34.99


*ULTRA COMFORTABLE: Our long sleeve performance shirts are designed to keep you cool and comfortable while out on the boat or during your favorite outdoor activity. Made from our special knitted 95/5% Poly/Spandex blend, our shirts have excellent breathability, quick-dry, and moisture wicking capability that outperforms most major brands.

*MAXIMUM DURABILITY: These shirts are made to last. The knitted Poly/Spandex blend makes our shirts SNAG PROOF. Meaning, whether you rub up against a piling while tying lines, scrape up against some coral reef while diving, or do a load of laundry full of Velcro, our shirts will not get those little 'picks' you see from other performance shirts out there.

*PREMIUM ARTWORK: Not only will the shirt itself last, but the graphics on it will continue to look fresh. All of our designs are full sublimation, meaning that the ink is embedded IN the fabric instead of on it. This means the artwork will hold up much longer than many other printing methods, especially when doing laundry.

*EXCELLENT SUN PROTECTION: Our performance shirts are rated to SPF50, protecting your skin from getting completely 'Fried' when under the Sun even during the hottest Summer days.

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