SweepEase StingRay Aqua Dynamic Pool Brush

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SweepEase StingRay, "Sticks to the walls and floor, Guaranteed!" The Patented shape is designed to make your job easy, as it never hops, skips or jumps, yet easily slice back through the water! SweepEase comes with a FREE V-Clip & a 2 year warranty on materials and workmanship! SweepEase revolutionary Patented shape creates downward force, every thrust! The Patented shape uses water pressure to push the brush to the walls and floor  with every thrust, yet easily slices back through the water! With continued use, will help keep algae of the walls, and your pool looking pristine! Made with the highest quality materials, that never bend, so it makes 100 percent contact every thrust! Once you own a SweepEase you will never go back to your old brush. It's so easy its almost fun! 7" H x 2" W x 18" L. 100% Poly Bristle

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