Stainless Wire Rope Thimbles

Size: 1/4"
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The Stainless Wire Rope Thimbles is a looping fastener for boat lift wire rope cable. The stainless steel thimble has lips on the sides to keep the cable from slipping out. The thimbles protect the wire rope from shafting, cutting, or crimping when attaching it to things that could cause cable damage. When the wire rope is terminated with a loop, there is a risk that it will bend too tightly, especially when the loop is connected to a device that concentrates the load on a relatively small area. A thimble can be installed inside the loop to preserve the natural shape of the loop, and protect the cable from pinching and abrading on the inside of the loop. The use of thimbles in loops is industry best practice. The thimble prevents the load from coming into direct contact with the wires. 7 x 19 Aircraft Cable

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