Plano Rustrictor Stowaway 3700

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Keep your tackle in bite-worthy shape with Plano's Rustrictor StowAway utility boxes. These innovative tackle boxes were designed in partnership with Armor Protective Packaging an industry leader in corrosion management since 1979. The VCI-infused walls and dividers surround tackle from all angles for 360 degrees of protection that blocks rust and corrosion five times longer than the competition. The Rustrictor 3700 brings this incredible product quality to Plano's most popular StowAway size the classic 3700. Use the box on its own with four fixed compartments or add the provided dividers to create up to 24 compartments sized to your choosing. The perfect companion to any Plano 3700 Series tackle bag or system the Rustrictor 3700 StowAway will keep your favorite tackle safe and looking like new. Transparent.

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