Luhr Jensen Crippled Herring Spoon

Size: 1 5/8"
Weight: 1/2 oz
Color: Blue
Sale price$9.49


Luhr-Jensen Crippled Herring Jigging Spoon is a natural-looking but versatile lure that is very attractive to all types of fish worldwide. Crinkle finish that gives it a realistic baitfish look. This bait is a sight-sound lure. Design imitates an injured baitfish viewed as an easy meal by predator fish. A classic metal spoon lure that is arguably one of the most versatile lures ever produced. It can be vertically jigged, cast and retrieved and even trolled for nearly every gamefish in fresh, brackish, and saltwater alike. Its high-action design and flashy movement tap into and take advantage of fish's strong predator instinct, eliciting reaction strike from almost any predator that dares to cross its path. For the greatest success, maximize action by choosing the smallest size that fits your needs. Floating

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