Plastic Hummingbird Feeder, Clear, 3 Ports - 16 oz.

Sale price$9.99


Bring the joy of hummingbird feeding to your backyard with the Perky-Pet Clear Plastic Hummingbird Feeder! This simple feeder features three feeding ports to accommodate multiple hummingbirds at once. This bright, cheery feeder boasts red accents that are sure to attract the tiny, delightful birds for hours of birdwatching enjoyment. And since it holds up to 16 oz. of nectar, your hummingbird visitors are sure to be in good supply. For your convenience, the clear plastic reservoir makes it easy to monitor nectar levels at a glance so you never run out during peak feeding times. It also has a unique, bulb-shaped reservoir that will make a great focal point in any setting. Meanwhile, the shatter-resistant plastic construction ensures durability, so you know this feeder will be a centerpiece in your yard for years to come.

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