Elite 1 1/2 HP Painted Electric Boat Lift Motor

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Elite 1 1/2 HP painted electric motors are single-phase motors with start capacitors. These motors are standard duty. This motor is factory-wired for 220 volts. A licensed electrician can rewire the motor to 110v. Fits all BH-USA flat-plate hoists and gear plates. Compatible with other brands that use the standard 4 ft x 2 ft flat-plate mounting holes. The motor is a NEMA 56-frame motor. UL/CSA listed and approved. TENV (totally enclosed, non-ventilating) housing. The TENV housing serves as a barrier against dirt, insects, and water entering the motor. This motor has a maximum runtime of 15 minutes. Finished in black. Includes colored T-wires. The electric motor comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Included are BH-USA’s equipment guide and wiring instructions.. A clawfoot motor is a general-purpose motor. At BH-USA, these are used with flat-plate hoists. With clawfoot mounting slots, a standard flat-plate hoist can be easily mounted. By attaching a belt and pulley to the drive shaft, the motor can rotate the pulley. The belt will move as a result. Motor Dimensions: 13" x 6.5" x 9.5". Driveshaft Diameter: 2" x 4" x 5/16". Black.

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