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Flavor: Aransas Colada
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Salemi's Ace Hardware Dry Drink Mixes. Choose your favorite flavorful drink. Just add alcohol and mix. No ice and no blender required. Just mix, freeze, and enjoy these slushies! Great for being out on a boat, at the beach or sitting by the pool. Made in the USA.

*Aransas Colada – Pina Colada - Sweet, pineapple and coconut flavor, reminiscent of having your toes in the sand, very tropical.

*Austin Street Wine Time – Has a Sangria base taste, fruity, sweet.

*Beach Bellini – Peach Bellini – Peachy, not very sweet. Very refreshing, fruity, delicate flavor.

*Copano Crush – Just like a Cosmopolitan, Blueberry and pomegranate flavors.

*Fulton Fashion – Old Fashion – Men’s Favorite, a hint of cherry. A classical type of drink made with Bourbon.

*Key Allegro Twist – Margarita Twist – Two drinks in one, Tequila creates the traditional Margarita, Watermelon Vodka creates a sweeter, girly flavor, like a jolly rancher

*Little Bay Drop – Lemon Drop – Zesty, a good balance and contrast of sweet and sour. Like lemonade with a kick.

*Piratesicle – Orange Creamsicle – Tastes just like the old time Dreamsicle you loved as a child

*Rockport Mule – Moscow Mule – tastes of ginger, lime and mint. Has a good zing, very refreshing. Popular for a more bitter drink

*Sea Queen Confetti - Pina Colada - Sweet, coconut flavor, reminiscent of warm days on the beach, a tropical treat.

*Sugar Shack Daiquiri – Strawberry Mango Daiquiri – Named after one of the most popular places in Rockport! Sweet, strawberry, hint of mango. A staple party drink.

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