Dockside Matrix Shad

Style/Color: Avocado
Sale price$5.99


Soft plastic swim bait great for all species of fish. This is a must have in the tackle arsenal and can be fished in every situation. Perfect color for catching trophy size flounder and speckled trout. Perfect replica for oyster worms. Features the classic paddle tail combined with an extremely tough bait to make the perfect mixture of durability and action. Use bright color choices for crystal clear water to get fish attention, and is the perfect bait for sight fishing so you can see the bait disappear, that way you know when strikes occur. Dark colors are especially good on murky or dirty water days. The Dark and light combination is the perfect stained water bait giving a strong contrast, catching the fish’s eye in even the most stained water. The new “Tiger Bait” duplicates the crab to perfection and is a redfish killer. 3".

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