Deluxe Anchor - Hot Dipped Galvanized

Size: 4 Lb.
Sale price$24.99


Superior holding power in a traditional designed anchor. Each anchor is hot dipped galvanized for maximum corrosion protection. Individually inspected to assure quality and workmanship. Reinforced wide flukes penetrate deeply and firmly for maximum holding power. Specially engineered angles and welded crown configuration provide unsurpassed strength and durability.

* 4 Lb. = Recommended for boats 12-16'. Fluke Length: 9-1/2". Stock Width: 14-3/4".

* 13 Lb. = Recommended for boats 25-30'. Fluke Length: 14-1/16". Stock Width: 24-7/16".

* 18 Lb. = Recommended for boats 31- 35'. Fluke Length 16-1/2". Stock width: 24-1/4". 

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