Bayou Classic Dual Burner LP Cooker

Sale price$189.99


The most versatile burner in the Bayou Classic® cooker line. Offers a wide range of flame control to boil, steam, or fry. Ideal for backyards, camps, tailgating, homebrew, festivals, and the beach. Dual 4-in Cast Aluminum Burner - Dual 59,000 BTUs. Dual 14-in Cooking Surfaces. 31.5-in Length x 12.5-in Tall Welded Base Frame. Extension Legs raise height to 25-in. 360° Windscreen Protection. Heat resistant paint. 10-psi Regulator with Dual Brass Control Valves. Dual 36-in Stainless Braided LPG Hoses. Functionally designed for stockpots 12-in diameter to 62-qt.

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