A-Drive 40:75 Double Worm Reducer Gearbox

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The A-Drive 40:75 Double Worm Reducer Gearbox is a direct-drive gearbox with a double-worm gear reducer. Featured gearbox for 4,000 lb. A-Drive series enclosed boat hoists. 1 HP wired motor for the 4,000 lb. hoist. Features a solid aluminum gearbox housing with a marine-grade finish. 450:1 gear ratio. Includes bronze-on-steel gears. Enclosed gears permanently lubricated with BH-USA gear grease. Guaranteed not to leak. Includes output shaft with a strong cast flange mount. Uses all stainless steel fasteners. Coupled with the correct mounting plate, the gearbox works on both overhead boat lifts and pile mount boat lifts. The gearbox requires a hardened output driveshaft to attach the direct drive boat hoist to the boat lift drive pipe. (sold separately)

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