Mariposa Dill Dip Mix 1 oz.

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Mariposa is the Spanish word for butterfly. Texas is blessed with more butterfly species than any other state --approximately 430, compared with California's 250. We have a large monarch migration that comes through the Texas Hill Country in late September and October. One of the favorite host plants for butterflies is dill. This culinary treat is considered an excellent source of food and the perfect host plant for the caterpillars. Butterflies lay their eggs on these host plants so their caterpillars will have a ready food source when they hatch. The Fredericksburg Farms Mariposa Dill Dip has the spirit of the butterfly and the great taste of dill to make a great Texas combination. Knowing where you are going, how to prepare for the journey and the determination to reach your destination epitomizes the "Texas state of mind'.

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