HTH Chlorine Skimmer Tabs

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Give your swimming pool water a visibly brilliant sparkle with this convenient and easy-to-use Cal Hypo formula. HTH Pool Care Chlorine Skimmer Tabs (was formerly HTH Blue Sparkle Skimmer Tabs). Visibly brilliant sanitizer. Destroy bacteria and algae and get a visibly brilliant sparkle that lasts! Traditional chlorine products contain cyanuric acid (CYA). When too much CYA builds up, it can cause overstabilization or chlorine lock, cloud your water and cause algae growth. The slow-dissolving Cal Hypo formula in HTH Chlorine Skimmer Tabs provides a steady source of available chlorine without adding extra (CYA) for beautifully clear water. This product is great for all pool types including vinyl-lined pools and salt water systems. For best results, use HTH 6-way test strips twice weekly to test and balance your swimming pool water and keep chlorine levels between 1 and 4 ppm. Place tab(s) in an empty skimmer basket Follow the on-pack instructions according to your pool size. Make sure the skimmer basket is free of all other water treatment products before adding tab(s). HTH Chlorine Skimmer Tabs work great with the HTH Skimmer Basket Insert. After one day of use, test free available chlorine (FAC) residual with HTH Multi-purpose 6-Way Test Strips. Slow dissolving, long lasting. The patented HTH® slow dissolving technology protects against chlorine loss in direct sunlight and a sparkle that lasts up to 1 week. Chemistry: Calcium Hypochlorite 48.4 percent. other ingredients 51.6 percent. 5.5 Lbs.

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